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Please Do Not cover Brett Favre’s Retirement 2010

01.25.2010 · Posted in NFL

Please Do Not cover Brett Favre’s Retirement 2010. I never stopped being a Favre fan, and I never will. He is practically my next door neighbor over there in Mississippi. I just do not want ESPN to cover Favre all summer long because … they can.

I do not want people to get their hopes up … when we will only know if he is retired or not after about the 6th game of next season. ( yes it is plausible for him to come in late next season if Mark Sanchez gets hurt and the Jets are off to a 6-0 start. )

So do not cry with Brett at any of his press conferences. Do not get emotionally attached. ESPN, please do not send anyone to camp outside of his house. He is a professional athlete that can make millions of doll hairs by playing the game he loves on national television. He just got his team to the division championships. Do not get angry. Do not believe anything he says. Please Do Not Cover Brett Favre’s Retirement 2010

3 Responses to “Please Do Not cover Brett Favre’s Retirement 2010”

  1. Brett Pohanka says:

    I cant wait for the drama, and I hope they cover ever second of it, and you know they will.. 😉

  2. Kevin Thrun says:

    I understand a lot of folks want to end the Brett Favre retirement talk… But can we really? This guy has been an icon for years. He has made plays we never expected him to make throughout the 2009 – 2010 season. Yet again he made 2 bad decisions in a big game that led to 2 interceptions. His was not the only mistake in that game. The big one was 12 men in the huddle.

    If I was Brett I would do “one more year!” Maybe he can’t end his career with a Superbowl win…. maybe he can. But unless one of my legs fell off I would not end MY career on a game like the one against the Saints. There is a bunch of guys my age (56) that want to see him come back. I say start the chant now…… Hey Brett give us one more year…… “ONE MIRE YEAR! ONE MORE YEAR!! ONE MORE YEAR!!”

  3. Please come back!!

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