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Better know a draft sleeper…(Dan LeFevour QB-Central Michigan)

02.08.2010 · Posted in NCAA Football, NFL

Better know a draft sleeper…(Dan LeFevour QB-Central Michigan)

If you’re someone who loves college football? You have to know that the Mid-American Conference is a conference where you can find yourself a quarterback of a fine vintage. And in the offseason job interview that is the NFL Draft process, someone who seemed to be a version of a Rust Belt Tim Tebow has the look of something more.

What we’ve always known about LeFevour is that he’s a hyper-productive sort who does have that sort of a high gunslinger q-rating. At least in terms of intangibles. But here’s the thing? He has that sort of awareness that makes him a real prospect. (Corey Chavous of the NFL Network has him as the number one quarterback prospect.)

That is to say that he doesn’t have the pro prospect sheen of a Casey Clausen or a laser rocket arm of a John Skelton. He’s just shown himself to be a strong decisionmaker who can make things happen with his legs.

I mean, if you see him go up against a team that won exactly nothing all year, you’d want to see domination, right? Right.

And there you go. Dan LeFevour. In a nutshell. If you want a bold projection before I go? Dan LeFevour is the next Aaron Rodgers.


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