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8R Videos XX: Mike Tyson’s Animal Planet Reality Show About Pigeons, Preview

03.23.2010 · Posted in MMA and Boxing, Other

EVERY TUESDAY David Chalk, renowned, acclaimed and beloved baseball writer from 7th Inning Stache, Bugs&Cranks, and occasionally Big League Stew throws up Eight Random Videos to entertain and/or enlighten right here on NESW SPORTS.

While it’s not quite the reality show I dreamed of, Mike Tyson has a television show in the works with Animal Planet about pigeon racing. Friggin’ PETA is already protesting, but Animal Planet is standing firmly behind Iron Mike:

Regarding PETA’s latest allegations, I wanted to clarify that for Animal Planet’s Taking on Tyson show, there have never been any plans for wagering on the pigeon races. We have not yet begun filming but, rest assured, all of the pigeons that we will feature in the program are cherished and respected by their owners, including Mr. Tyson. Animal Planet will honor that respect and care in our production and in how these beautiful creatures are treated.

PETA needs to do their research.  The first time Mike Tyson ever raised his fists in anger, it was because someone killed his pet pigeon.  I’m totally psyched for the champ’s pigeon show, and have searched the interwebs to whet your collective Mike Tyson pigeon-lovin’ appetites….

Mike Tyson Shows Off His Pigeon Collection on Jimmy Kimmel

I like where he talks about the pigeons being in heat because it’s breeding season.

Eddie Murphy Clowns Mike Tyson To His Face During Sammy Davis, Jr. Tribute

Mike Tyson For President (2004) Campaign Ads

Mike Tyson With Pigeon(s) Photo Gallery

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