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Don Yeager Beat Michael Jordan, video

03.28.2010 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

Don Yeager Beat Michael Jordan, video. Unlike the John Rogers video, this video of a random dude beating Air Jordan does not contain the actual footage. It just shows Don Yeager, New York Times best selling author, bragging about how he scored against Michael Jordan.

He remembers every second of the game. He remembers the look on MJ’s face. He remembers what he wore. He remembers the way the leather ball smelled in his hands. He remembers … that he should have had someone record it. Doh!!!

As the worlds self proclaimed biggest fan of MJ, I do not mind him dropping a few games in his retirement. I mean, these people will tell their grandchildren about it. He is still the greatest athlete ever … hand down.

2 Responses to “Don Yeager Beat Michael Jordan, video”

  1. I agree on his Greatness, which is why the opportunity to go one-on-one and actually score is, in fact, a life highlight.

    But before you criticize, please know it was videotaped by 60 Minutes. This station couldnt use it.

    Even as a great fan of Jordan's, you should appreciate and not belittle moments that others have had.

    PS. Jordan, as you know, always said its not bragging if you've done it.I hope you can come up with a better word as you look again at your post.

  2. I guess I'd be pretty cocky about it too if I'd managed to score on MJ. Nice work Don.

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