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April Fools ALERT! Joseph ‘Boo’ Wheatly

04.01.2010 · Posted in NFL, Sports Videos

April Fools ALERT! Joseph ‘Boo’ Wheatly. FoxSports is releasing a couple videos talking about a guy that ran a 3.9- 40 yard dash at a pro day. They say he is a junior college transfer that is unknown. ?

1. If you Google him you do not find him.
2. In one of the videos you see a white guy walking in the background. ( we all know it was not him. Come on … I am white. I know it was not a skinny white guy that ran the first 3.9 – 40 )
3. There is no actual video of him running the 3.9.
4. Why would a sports network do an April Fools joke?
5. Just for quick reference. The fastest ever was Bo Jackson’s 4.12.
6. ( Update ) There are no photos of “Boo” and no video, but we know he will be wearing Nike shoes? The jig is up. This is a Fox Sports / Nike joint viral campaign.
7. The name of the first video is “Petros witnesses Boo”. Witness??? Nike??? Maybe this is a LeBron James commercial in the makings.

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