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LeBron Talking Trash with KG, and … Marcus? Video

04.05.2010 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

LeBron talking Trash with KG, and … Marcus? Video. LeBron misses a huge three pointer to go for the win. As they are about to pass the ball in you can tell the Marcus Landry is talking junk to King James. Who is Marcus Landry? He averages 2.7 points per game, and played for the Wisconsin Badgers.

Marcus continues to to talk to LeBron. The Timeout is called and as LBJ makes his way to the bench via walking towards Marcus, Marcus heads him off at the pass, and the rest of the C-Men circle LeBron to make their regular “Timeout huddle”.

Nothing big happens.

KG is fouled with 2 seconds left on the clock, and sinks both of his free throws. He looks at LeBron and tells him, in more words, that is how you do it.

LeBron ends the game 0-9 three point shooting. Then LeBron gives his customary high fives … to his own team.
Edit: Commenters think this is Tony Allen. I stand by Landry, because that is the # I see “#12”, and it makes a better story. :-) Thanks for the comments.

4 Responses to “LeBron Talking Trash with KG, and … Marcus? Video”

  1. I think it's actually Tony Allen #42.

    Landry is #12 and is no where to be seen.

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  3. Cliff Kensington says:

    I don’t know what you’re looking at but that was Tony Allen, aka the guy who had been guarding Lebron. Marcus Landry is in Portland, ME playing for the Red Claws. But good attempt.

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