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Please Go “Like” This Facebook Page I Created

01.04.2011 · Posted in NBA

I made a Facebook fan page for one of my favorite NBA players over the weekend. It’s titled, “Lamar Odom for All-Star in 2011,” and its description reads as such:

“If they gave the Pistons FOUR All-Stars in 2006 for making the Finals the previous two years and taking home one ‘ship (well, and starting the ’06 season 42-9), don’t the Lakers deserve three in ’11 coming off of three straight Finals appearances and two straight titles with Lamar playing as well as he has? Doesn’t Lamar deserve it for being such an unselfish and exceptional team player? Bynum is healthy, Lamar accepts his role off the bench. Bynum gets hurt and Lamar slides in seamlessly as the starter and the team seldom misses a step. Bynum returns from injury and Lamar goes back to the bench without saying a peep and just continues to play ball.

He’s averaging 16-10-3 right now on a career-high 59% from the field in 36 mpg. He’s played the best ball of his life. Even with Bynum back, Lamar should be able to manage 30 minutes a night, and if he does maintain good enough numbers overall to justify being an All-Star a month and a half from now. Here’s hoping he does.

P.S. We’re not saying vote for him (though we’re sure many of you Lakers fans already are). He doesn’t deserve to start, obviously. But he deserves to be on the team. This page is just a token of support.”

Get to it.

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One Response to “Please Go “Like” This Facebook Page I Created”

  1. Charlie Widdoes says:

    Does he really deserve to be on the team? I gather that you are a Laker fan, and that you want to vote for one of your favorite players, but it seems like quite a stretch of logic to suggest he is among the 12 (or however many they take) most deserving players in the Western Conference. I'm a strong believer in team play and never assume that the highest scorers are should be the All-Stars, but it's just wrong to say that a good role player should make the All-Star game because he is having his best season yet and his team has been extremely successful over the past few years. That the Pistons had four All-Stars is completely irrelevant. Lamar is tremendously gifted, but hasn't played like an All-Star, and the other factors don't make him one. Regardless of position, he pales in comparison to players who deserve selection like Dirk, Durant, Love, Griffin, Pau, 'Melo, and LaMarcus Aldridge.

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