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Video: The Celtics Are Causeway Street.. Not Hollywood or South Beach

12.07.2011 · Posted in NBA

The Celtics are trying to make as many waves possible this year, as it seems like this is most assuredly their last hurrah. I mean.. we all saw KG’s dead legs last year. We all saw Mr. Allen break the all time 3’s mark ( That means he is old as well as a nice shooter. ). We all know that they shopped around Rondo… but that’s totally cool now.

I think they should have done this
1. They get Ben Affleck to come in talk to the Celtic bench and do a line from The Town. Like this

2. Then they get Matt Damon to do that Apples joke from that movie.

3. Then end it with a scene from the Damon Wayans film Celtic Pride. ( choose one )

I digress. Hat Tip BDL

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