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How do the Lakers look so far?

12.17.2011 · Posted in NBA

To say I don’t know where to begin is about the best opening I can come up with.

While stating the last few weeks have brought on a myriad of emotions may be a tad overdramatic, it’s really the only way possible to describe the start of the offseason.

From the time it was made known that the Lakers wanted Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, I had already picked a side (if only one trade was going to be made), and that was Dwight’s. I don’t need to sit here to extol the virtues of Paul (and if I do, go find something else to read), and I will not say that one player is better than the other. Dwight is the better fit, especially in regards to what they would need to give up in each trade. Acquiring Paul would require giving up most of their frontcourt depth, while a trade for Howard would still leave them with someone coming off the bench who would know how to use both hands to wrap around the ball.

Fast forward to today, and none of this matters. David Stern pulled the biggest April Fool’s joke of any transaction in sports history, then bullied the Los Angeles Clippers into giving up the best young shooting guard in the league (Eric Gordon) in order to secure Chris Paul for what may only be 19 months. Is it going to be worth it? I don’t care; I’m not here to laud the Clippers’ side of this (though they are still coached by Vinny Del Negro, owned by Donald Sterling, and they’re still THE CLIPPERS, so there’s that).

The Lakers made it very clear that they had a to-do list as soon as deals were allowed to be arranged: get Chris Paul and Dwight Howard in the purple-and-gold. Fin.

David Stern made it very clear that, after the five months we spent hating the owners for the lockout, he was going to pander to the needs of the weak. Either that, or he wants the league to be able to sell the Hornets for the prettiest penny they can find. No. TOTALLY not that. He cares about small markets. Totally.

With the to-do list completely scratched out (it’s not even “back to the drawing board;” it’s “let’s get a whole new damned drawing board”), there is a remote chance of landing Howard, although Otis Smith says he’s not on the market. But Dwight says he is. But Smith says…oh, I guess I can see why Dwight wants out. Or I can’t. No one can make up their minds.

No Chris Paul.

No Dwight Howard.

It’s alright. The Lakers have traded away Lamar Odom for next to nothing.

Jason Kapono, Josh McRoberts, and Troy Murphy were recently signed.

And they want to take a look at Baron Davis and his just-injured back.

And Kobe’s wife wants a divorce.

I’m running out of “positives” here. This season sucks, and it hasn’t even started.

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