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So, what do we know?

01.12.2012 · Posted in NBA


Oh, you were serious? Really? Lakers, Thunder, Hawks and Bulls have played 12 games, while the Clippers have only played eight, over an 18-day span.

And we’re supposed to have an idea of what’s going on?

Kobe Bryant is leading the league in scoring, at 30.3 per game. He hasn’t scored at that clip (or led the league) since 2006-07, when he averaged 31.6. Only four players are scoring 25 or more, the fewest since five in 2007-08.

The Bulls and Thunder are on pace for what would be 68-14 seasons under normal circumstances (55-11 over 66 games).

Aside from records, some teams look great (the Heat scoring over 106 per game??), some are continuing their mediocre ways (too many to list), while some look downright horrible (the Wizards and Pistons clock in at 83 a game…my god).

We still can’t tell if guys like Tyreke Evans will ever make The Leap, if Lawrence Frank or Flip Saunders will get anything out of the Pistons or Wizards, respectively, or if Mike D’Antoni will get the Knicks to play defense.

OK, actually I already know the answers to those: no, HELL no (the rosters suck), and LOLKNICKSDEFENSE.

The Pistons suck, the Wizards suck, and the Knicks don’t care about defense. You really think Hand in the Face is a priority for Carmelo or Amar’e? (Hint: no.) Get John Wall out of Washington before his brain erodes, please.

Surely the Mavericks and Celtics won’t finish around .500 this year, despite the aging and depleted rosters. I mean, Keyon Dooling and Sasha Pavlovic are playing relevant minutes for Boston. Dirk Nowitzki isn’t even at 20 per game, Jason Terry is the only other Maverick in double figures, and three of their important rotation guys are not only new to the team this season, but they also star in a reality show (Lamar Odom), are old but showing some flashbacks (Vince Carter), or just completely insane (Delonte West).

The Spurs continue to be Old Faithful, and will be The Team You Don’t Account for in the Playoffs…Unless They Get Upset Again. The Blazers are playing surprising ball (led by Gerald “Crash” Wallace), and Ricky Rubio looks FANTASTIC for the Timberwolves. Rick Adelman will have fun in Minnesota.

Did any of this make sense? If it did, it makes more sense than what we know about this season so far.

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