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Video: Dry British Humor Displayed In Pure Olympic FORM!

07.30.2012 · Posted in Olympics

Video: Dry British Humor Displayed In Pure Olympic FORM!. I believe this lady is a barker to tell people about open ticket gates. Take a listen.

“2012 Olympic Games! We are all so excited!…. Yes!! Thank you… single lady, one person, that responded. But, I believe we’re all cheering on the inside because we’re all ready. We’re all excited. London 2012! My mouth is dry. I need some water, but I’m still talking, because I am that happy. I’m going to overcome it. That’s my dedication that I have for the role. Mouth dry… I’m still talking.. Still happy. Still excited. Yes.

I can not contain my excitement everybody. Today is a special day. We are going to be telling our children’s children’s children’s children’s children about this day. I’m gonna say ‘I was a part of the Olympics. I worked for the Olympics’. Some of you will say ‘I watched the Olympics’. I’m gonna say ‘I listened to it from outside and I listened a bit. It was faint but I still heard it. I heard them having fun and celebrating, and I felt happy inside. I felt a warmth in my heart, as I carried on’…. I’m here ’til 2 am everybody”

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