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Music Video: ‘Like Michael Jordan’ Along With New Dance: ‘The MJ’

08.03.2012 · Posted in NBA

This guy has a song called “Like Michael Jordan”, and he has a dance that goes with it called “The MJ”. You might not like it at all. The song and dance are both repetitive and seem thrown together. The song repeats “Like Michael Jordan”… like 60 times. The dance has you “pretending to dribble” for 90% of the dance.

I would like to point out that this is someone’s dream. And that cat is
GExtravagant . He has sent out 1939 tweets and he has … 115 followers.
He even gave his dance a twitter page The MJ Dance . “The MJ Dance” has 10 followers on twitter.
His site just points to a “Network Solutions” landing page.
This “Official Music Video” was released 4 months ago and it only has 1324 views as of 8-3-12.

I hope this post helps a few more people see the video. I hope someone also sees GExtravagant’s dream as a reality. Here are the videos. Good luck GExtravagant. 1st the music video, then the accompanying dance.

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