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Video: Steve Smith Hypothetically Threatens A Young Jets Fan

08.20.2012 · Posted in NFL

In this grainy video, you see Steve Smith talking to a group of predominantly young Jewish Panther Fans that want his autograph. He winds up having, what we in the business call, a “slight verbal altercation” with one of the kids that might be a Jets fan.

The kid talks a little trash, and Steve responds with something like “Not everybody’s (inaudible) as Darrell Revis”

“How old are you? Just tell me. Well I have a 14 year old. I love my 14 year old. Very respectful. If my 14 year old was talking and acting the way you guys were… he wouldn’t have any teeth in his mouth, because as his Dad I taught him ‘respect your elders’. No matter where they at.”

“Understand what I’m sayin? I’m not trying to say I don’t like yall. It’s just the whole attitude.”

“You see, you notice. I don’t care. You gotta understand. I’m 12 years in the league. I don’t have to sign it. That’s what I just told the last guy.”
“I’m truely just doin it. It’s a choice”
“Then you cross that line…”

2 things.
1. He should not have said that. I mean… Steve would not want anyone threatening his 14 year old under any circumstance, even if it was hypothetical.
2. To Smitty’s credit, he did continue to go down the line signing autographs, albeit without a filter.

4 Responses to “Video: Steve Smith Hypothetically Threatens A Young Jets Fan”

  1. Proud parent says:

    Steve hit the nail on the head. It’s the father’s responsibility to teach values to his kids. You can’t legally set someone else’s kid straight, but calling out the parents and embarrassing the kid all at once is pretty awesome.

    Bet nobody’s surprised that the kid is a Jets fan. He’s already well on his way to becoming a douche bag like Fireman Ed.

    • If Steve said that to your son, and you were standing right there… I doubt you would have the same opinion. We also do not know what the kid said. We just know that Steve took exception to it.

      Steve should choose his analogies better.

      “If you were my kid, I would punch all of your teeth out”… I am sure there is a better way to get your point across.

      • I agree with Steve, he was calm and cool about it and kids need to hear that sometimes. Parents need to teach their children respect for elders, and if they don’t… and an elder scolds or reprimands them- GOOD.

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