My name is Ethan Jaynes. I am a Christian, Father, Sports Fan, Blogger, and I see humor in almost everything. I live in Gadsden, Alabama. My favorite teams are the Braves and Auburn Tigers. My favorite athletes are Michael Jordan and Bo Jackson.

I started NESW Sports in 2008. I love sports and I am a little bit of an entrepreneur. I can’t help myself. It is what I do. I have a bachelors in business management from Jacksonville State University.

I basically keep myself busy. Please follow me on twitter @EthanJaynes, if you are a twit like me. I am also on Facebook. I hope you like the blog. Please tell me what you think.

Email me at EthanJaynes-at-hotmail.com, If you have a tip, comment, suggestion, link submission, or you would just like drop me a line.