Autobiography Of David Silva

As a fanatic of soccer, it is certainly that you probably spent part of your little heart for a team or favorite player somehow. As a loyal fan of the half blue team of Manchester, I’m proud of the team, the leadership, the coach and the players. In his excellent team, if I had to point out a player deeply impressed or to pick out the most diamond sparkling in many shining diamond, the one I have selected is David Silva. I know that when we talk about him – the artist of soccer ground – my pen could not touch the bottom of the florid style or could describe fully what he showed, what he did for the Soccer team, the great qualities of tiny Spaniard player. The things I have written only satisfy sublimation feelings of a man for his admiration to a monument of modern soccer time. It would be too much for me to consider him as a “monumental person”, but that can only express natural talent of a player who always brings inspiration to fans from his excellent legs.
David Silva
Silva is the transfer station between midfield and attack that helps to bridge the “scoring machine” become more flexible at Manchester City. Despite starting from a left wing midfielder, we could see an image of moving freely on the pitch and releasing his soul into the match when watching Silva played. And this thing has been promoting his creative ability, the sharp and flawless precision angles that has repeatedly helped Man City become the winner. In order to assert himself as a bridge to deliver the ball to the team, Silva also created focal points with beautiful goals. Joining in the most attractive tournaments on the planet, where “beefy knights” can become a cutting machine at any time, Silva has been still playing hard and shinning in short appearance with low weight. After taking part in Manchester City, it seems that the trend of most football background in this country has changed, instead of the healthy and big players without creativity, the coach has preferred the smaller and technical players like Silva. It can be said that Silva was named the leader in the way of modern football.

David SilvaSince Silva played for MC, I realized that if I left to watch any team’s matches, I could lose a masterpiece painted by the little boy that I love. Already long ago, Silva has been in my mind with his calm, gentle style but ready to stand up to confirm his talent. Unlike many other talented players, you are so difficult to find the notorious scandal of this talented midfielder, soccer perhaps is an amazing food than any of what’s around him. Beside that, he is known as an amorous sentimentality man, for example everyone is familiar with the image of a Silva celebrates by kissing up his left wrist so it is naturally a unique way to celebrate that. Secret tattoo named Cynthia is a heart – to – heart cousin of Silva, who is a close cousin in his childhood by side. But this younger sister had died since Silva was a child, this event is the most horrific nightmare for him and from that day he practiced with the round ball to remove light pain in his heart.

David Silva
Secret tattoo in David Silva’s wrist

Now, Silva has introduced to us his cousin Cynthia in an attractive way and more convincing. Tattoos on Silva’s wrist is expressed his love for his cousin every time he scored. It is a story that I could not forget about this talented midfielder.

When I confided this story, I do not need your sympathy for the boy named Silva, I just want to introduce to you the existence of great people like that in Mancity!

Moreover, I hope that Silva will become a talented midfielder of soccer wallpaper in the world!David Silva