Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is known as one of the most popular sports around the world. The area of golf ground is required to be large enough for golfers to be able to play in comfortable way. It is quite easy to play that you just use a golf club to hit golf ball into a series of 9 or 18 holes which is used as few strokes as possible. You can choose to play golf anytime you like or feel free because it is a great way for you to stay healthy and more other benefits. In this article, I would like to introduce you the benefits of playing golf, and you may be surprised at them.

Six Benefits of Playing Golf

Physical exercise

Golf is played in a quite large area, so the golfers must have more movements while playing. On the other hand, it consists of a lot of walking which seems the greatest benefit from playing golf. Therefore, the worse you play, the more walking you have to do. If you play it for 18 holes, it means that you have to walk from 3 to 4 miles which will make the heart and lungs keep doing better and better. Spending on playing golf about 3 or 4 times a week is getting lots of exercise for golfer.


Reduce stress

It is known as the good result of the physical exercise from playing golf. Playing a game outside helps you enjoy the fresh air and interact or chat with many people when playing golf, especially your friends or partners. Whenever it is such a nice and shinning day, the best meaningful thing you can choose to do at that time is that put every necessary tool into your convenient golf stand bag, go to the course and enjoy your lifetime. This makes you release endorphin (a hormone produced in the brain that reduce the feeling of pain). Therefore, you feel better and more relaxed.

Burn calories


With the area covered from 30 to 200 acres, you will have to walk a lot while playing golf. If you play golf once a week that means you can burn about 1000 calories. This is also a useful way you can choose to burn the excess fat. Moreover, its result will get more double than normal that means you can even burn more than 1000 calories for a single game, if the player walks along 18 holes instead of taking golf cart and carry your clubs. It is such an interesting sport that you can both lose your weight and relax.

Increase the ability to absorb Vitamin D

Golf course placed in outdoor area is also one of the most attractive points for the players. Daily, you must spend all your time staying in your office or your classroom. It is quite hard for you to contact with sunshine outdoor. If you can take about 3 or 4 hours a day on the weekend to go to golf ground and play it with your friends or your family members, you not only relax in natural environment but also provide vitamin D from sunlight for your body, especially your skin. Vitamin D will make your skin stronger and adjust the ability of growing skin cell.


Golf was known as one the most social sport, it seems like a favorite sport all over the world. One of the reasons why most players choose to play golf in their free time is its competition. All people who play any games including golf want to become a winner. It is easier to attract all of them to join a competitive sport. There is a different one of golf, compared with the other sports, that is the competition, when playing golf just occurs in social and friendly environment. That sounds so interesting. You can imagine that on the weekend, you date with your friends, your family members or your partners to play a set of golf. You can both join a game and chat, discuss life issues or anything you have suffered in the following weekend. In business case, you can discuss or negotiate about the important contracts for your company in fresh and friendly place. It may be a convenient factor for you to complete your job. Actually, the partner will give a good deal or sign for contract if you have a successful meeting in this place like golf ground.

Get a better sleep

Because you do more physical exercise when playing golf than normal, your body will burn all of the energy and become tired. After joining a game of golf, the golfers will fall asleep faster and have a deeper sleep. If playing golf becomes your regular habit, it helps not only have a good health, but also remain in a deep sleep thanks to the amount of energy is burned off more. We are appreciated it; sleep is very important for most people because it is good for your muscles and tissues, even it creates more restful and peaceful in night space.


Through this article, we can see that playing golf is a good way to remain your health as well as a good chance to strengthen your relationship. Try to organize your schedule and go to the golf course at least one time per week, and you will see the improvement in your living quality.