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Video: Halftime Karate Guy… Is Very Proud Of Himself

02.07.2012 · Posted in NCAA Basketball

I have been accused of “Cheesing” everyone once in a while, but this guy takes the cake. He got to sit in that little space between the 2 announcers at the Ohio vs Wisc, Feb 4th. game. He waited for his perfect moment. He sensed that they were done with the crowd shot, and Boom! ...


Video: Colin Cowherd Answers 2 Qustions With 1 Answer

03.18.2011 · Posted in NBA, NCAA Basketball

Background for this absolutely hilarious original video. Colin weighs in on 2 separate issues, but the same answer fits both perfectly. Everyone is weighing in on the Jalen Rose vs Duke situation: Grant Hill, Coach K, Jalen, Chris Broussard, etc… etc… etc… So why not Colin Cowherd? And The Star Of The Colin-Cowherd-Based CBS ...

The Rasheed Wallace brain fart, KFC double down, Links

More proof that Rasheed Wallace is well past his prime from our friends at Midwest Sports Fans. Great moments in Pittsburgh unlicensed sports merch {PSAMP} The 11 Worst athletes turned actors {The Street Level} 5 things you need to know before you scarf down a KFC double down {Steady Burn} Butler players suit up for ...