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Video: Don Cherry Unintentional Piano Desk!!! FTW!

12.28.2011 · Posted in NHL

Just so you remember… Don Cherry is to Canadian hockey like Charles Barkley is to NBA times like 100. So it is neat to see this meme take off. Thanks internet Hat Tip Awful Announcing via the incomparable Puck Daddy! ...


Video: Lewy the Mascot Throws A One Hittah Quittah!

03.11.2011 · Posted in NHL

Lewy vs Kollide are both mascots of the Lewiston MAINEiacs, located in Lewiston, Maine. It is the only Quebec Major Junior Hockey League based in the great country that is made up of the United States of America. During the 2nd period break, the 2 mascots go at it. Lewy wins resoundingly. ...

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How I Picture Linda Cohn’s Wedding ( Video )

09.29.2010 · Posted in NHL

How I Picture Linda Cohn’s Wedding ( Video ) Yeah, Linda Cohn is pretty much awesome. I think that is universally known. As soon as I saw this video that has been going around the interweb ( With Leather and Puck Daddy ), I immediately thought of the Cohnster. She just seems like the kind ...