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Thursday's Hot Stahoviak: Back when the Orioles did something right

05.12.2011 · Posted in Sports Videos

Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun recently reflected on the trade that sent Erik Bedard to the Mariners. At the time, it seemed like one of the greatest trades in Baltimore history, and that may not have been too far off, though the deal that brought Frank Robinson might have been a tick better. Consider ...

Friday's Cold Stahoviak: Brent Gates

05.06.2011 · Posted in Sports Videos

Have you ever looked at the website Basically, it’s a site with all sorts of timed quizzes in all sorts of categories. One of my favorites was the Twins Opening Day lineups quiz, covering the years of 1990-2010. I consider myself a pretty enormous Twins fan. I mean, I write about them regularly at ...

Thursday's Hot Stahoviak: The Dodgers aren't getting any better

05.05.2011 · Posted in Sports Videos

And of course by better, I mean “financially solvent”. The Dodgers may actually miss payroll this month because of the issues with the McCourts and the subsequent takeover by MLB. Sure, there are some players that are going to be OK missing a paycheck or two. Andre Ethier, for example, told Yahoo’s Tim Brown that ...

Davey Lopes MLB Hall of Fame Mustache

05.05.2011 · Posted in Sports Videos

This is day 45 of the “7th Inning Stache”s 100 days of MLB mustaches. All of the Staches will be cataloged in our MLB Mustache Hall Of Fame. If you have any tips on some fielding first basemen follicle follies please email us the tip @ Today’s nomination comes from Devon Young of My ...