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Minnesota's problem: inauthentic mustaches

05.03.2011 · Posted in Sports Videos

Up until tonight’s no hitter on the arm of Francisco Liriano, things haven’t been so good for the Twins. Some may say the issue is injuries (heck, I’ve even said that), but I feel the issue is more sinister after seeing this: That’s Jim Thome, and no, that mustache is not real. In the past ...

"Mustache Mania"

05.01.2011 · Posted in Sports Videos

The Bowie Baysox have earned a place in the hearts of 7IS staffers, or at least this one. You see, on Wednesday they have something called “Mustache Mania” You can read about it here. For those that are frightened of of hyperlinks, here are some of the highlights, according to the Baysox: – Special ticket ...

Gardy Watch 2011: Not his fault… except this

04.30.2011 · Posted in Sports Videos

It’s hard for the most cynical, Ron Gardenhire despisingest Twins fan to attribute the blame entirely on the manager with the Twins flailing incoherently at the bottom of the AL Central this season. After all, Tsuyoshi Nishioka, Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Carl Pavano and Delmon Young have now spent time on the disabled list, or ...

Friday's Cold Stahoviak: Franklin Stubbs

04.28.2011 · Posted in Sports Videos

Franklin Stubbs was a starting first baseman on a World Series Champion. They won the 88 series when Stubbs hit ,223 for the season, with 8 home runs. T have changed. Stubbs was a decent enough hitter, I guess, with a career average of 18 homeruns a season, but he wasn’t ever able codger up ...

Thursday's Hot Stahoviak: Frank McCourt, Street Fighter

04.28.2011 · Posted in Sports Videos

Today one of Frank McCourt’s friends had this to say to Yahoo’s Tim Brown: “He’s a street fighter.” Naturally, this sent me off on a creative streak. The problem, of course, is that I don’t have Photoshop, patience, or talent. Nevertheless, I wanted to make this: McCourt is getting his ass kicked by Sagat (sent ...

Kevin Mitchell has taken up violent rage in another sport

04.25.2011 · Posted in Sports Videos

A few weeks back, former slugger Kevin Mitchell was featured in the Hot Stahoviak, and his notoriously quirky personality and history was mentioned several times. The good news for the world is that he has taken up a past time that isn’t beating the hell out of people who look at him funny. That past ...