Choose Golf Clubs For Beginners

Steps to choose the suitable golf clubs for new golfers:

1. Test before buying
Most clubs or driving ranges have available golf clubs for rent. You can take full advantage of this opportunity to test which one fits you most before deciding to buy.
2. Listen to the advice of experts
When you are planning to purchase a set of used golf clubs, you should listen to the guidance and opinion of people who are more experienced than you. The most important you need is to choose the most suitable set of golf clubs for your ability. Do not buy this set because Tiger also used it without considering carefully whether you can use this set of the golf club or not. It is best to choose half the set corresponding to the majority of the used stick in your golf bag.
3. Base on feelings to choose
Feelings are one of the important factors that people often mention, but actually what feeling is? In general, the feeling can be described as a response of golf club that players feel when holding and swinging. Is it too long, too short, or too soft shaft too hard? If you feel uncomfortable, then you should not buy this stick. Especially when purchasing a “first” set of sticks, you need to feel like your golf clubs are working with you instead of opposing you.hqdefault
4. Golf clubhead
You should find the club head is made from stainless steel rather than the cheap alloy one. The beginner players should choose club head which weight is distributed in the surrounding edge, the hosel is in the back, the clubhead has a large size. The larger the clubhead is, the bigger the contact point with the ball gets, this helps increase distance and accuracy for the hit.
5. Golf club shaft
Each material to make golf club shaft has different advantages. Graphite shaft is usually more expensive than other types, but lighter and easier to use. The steel shaft is more durable and less prone to damage with hard hits. The main difference is the that the graphite shaft can help you increase clubhead speed and power at creating good distance when making a stroke on the fairway.
6. Golf club grip
If you plan to buy the used clubs, it is likely that these grips are no longer good anymore. But do not worry about this, because there will not be too hard to fix it. Take the clubs to the golf stores or course to replace the new ones. The grip is one of the most important parts of the golf club which have the impact on the swing, so you do not the poor quality grip ruin your game.
7. No need to hurry
Golf is a popular sport which is difficult to conquer. Can your golf club be defective after a hit to a tree? You can blame your club, but do not forget that it takes the time to adapt to this new one. Therefore, it is important for you to check the durability of the club before deciding to buy it. If you buy the second-hand one, and can not test at that place, let go to the club stores to test the other golf clubs of the same type. Do not be afraid of carrying this to find a most correct set of clubs for you.