How To Have A Good Golf Shot

  • Something about golf

Golf is known as one of the most popular sports in the world. Before joining to play a golf game, you may find anything or any information about golf that seems like a basic starting step. By the way, it can help you more in some cases when playing golf such as technic, risks of golf, even communication or have a relationship with your friends and partners. Most of people who like playing golf the most, also want to become a professional player. If you want too, in this article, we will show you the first step to become a professional player, that is the way to have a good golf shot.


  • Three steps to have a good golf shot

Step 1: get the right equipment

  • Choosing a golf club with the proper loft

Before playing, all golfers need to consider choosing a suitable loft for their golf club. In case, some people take the loft with 9 or 10 degree to play that will help your shot further. However, the degree of golf loft which is suitable for all levels of golfer is 11.5 degree. If you choose a higher loft, you will hit a ball further and further.


  • Choosing a proper material of golf club

You can choose the golf club which is made of wood or iron, both of them are alright as long as they make you feel comfortable when using. It is up to your hobby. Note that you do not always just use one club during a golf game. Its reason is the position of holes which are set up in different way, so you should change them regularly to have a good shot.


  • golf ballPicking the right golf ball

It seems like a quite difficult step for all golfers. Imagine that you have all of things we need in a golf course such as golf cart bag, golf club, golf loft…, but you are just considering with a thing that is golf ball, because you have to choose each of ball for each of game. It may be complicated but it will help your golf shot significantly.

Step 2: take the position

Choose an optional spot on the golf ground, and then find a tree or something else to fix the point on this area that seems a sign for you to get a target easier than a spot on the fairway. After that, from your address, you have to stretch your golf club towards it. If each step is done correctly, the form of your arms is “V” shape and the position of your arm now is extended. After bending at the end of your swing, try to keep your arm having “V” shape as soon as possible, so you can hit a ball further.

  • Tee up the ball correctly

First of all, you have to get a club with the straight position. And then, you must pick the ball and place it properly.

If you want to hit a ball further, the best choice is that you need to use a club with a large head and choose a tall tee.

Let’s give more power when you are avoiding the grass appearing between the face of the club and the ball while teeing up the golf ball.

  • Set your feet with the right position

Put the golf ball in front of your foot that make your shot more lofts.

Set your back foot with the hip widen and your front foot widen apart from.

  • Set your arms

Your arms must be set straight form and look like “V” shape when get a ready stance. One arm is set a straight form with the shaft of the golf driver, and set with other one by “V” shape. In this time, when you combine these two steps, your body will look like “K” form.

HOYLAKE, ENGLAND - JULY 20:  Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland hits a shot on the practice ground during the final round of The 143rd Open Championship at Royal Liverpool on July 20, 2014 in Hoylake, England.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

HOYLAKE, ENGLAND – JULY 20: Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland hits a shot on the practice ground during the final round of The 143rd Open Championship at Royal Liverpool on July 20, 2014 in Hoylake, England. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

  • Estimating the distance between the ball and your stance

It is also up to your golf shot. When you practice more, you can estimate and choose a position by changing your standing, the position of golf ball, even distance between these two things which can make you satisfied.

Step 3: considering about the types of your swing

You should consider what types of swing you need to use before playing, because the locations of golf holes are various. There are two kinds of golf swing: power swing and control swing. It will be quite difficult for you to estimate a right distance for a target point you want to hit a golf ball, due to the fact that there are some golf hole with dogleg, water area, or the other hazard else.

  • Power swing

Set your stance quite wider, and move your arm, taking your shaft of golf club that is closer with your head. In this case, the position of your shaft is close and behind your head.

  • Control swing

Set your stance in control swing not wider than in power swing. The position of golf ball is closer to your stance. With the position like this, maybe you have to bear your golf club a little bit.

  • Conclusion

In this article, there are three basic steps which can help you complete your shot well. When you do step by step, you could change anything like your ball, your stance and distance… which makes you feel more satisfied and comfortable in each of golf course. Adjust and practice until you get familiar with it, and you will a golf shot of a professional player.