How To Maintain A Correct Golf Etiquette

  • Introduction

Etiquette – an important part is mentioned in all of sporty games, including golf. The main target which most people often bring in each golf course or competition is that protect the safety for not only all golfers but also the result of course. In the other hand, it seems like an essential rule and a starting lesson as well for some new players or some good players being able to forget. At the various aspects, it can make players more enjoyable. In this article, we will show you some ways how to maintain a correct golf etiquette.


  • Five steps to have the right golf etiquette

Safety first

Pay more attention to the safe distance of all another golfers around you. As soon as you define a clear and safe distance for both another people and you, you should hit a golf ball or swing a club. The reasons why you have to overlook the standing of another players to choose the exact hole you are going to swing it are that both save others and yourself and avoid some dangerous things in the grass (pebbles, twigs…)

  • Just hit a ball until you know the right direction that you are going to have a vision. If it is not lucky as you expected that the golf ball which is hit appear ahead of another players or another groups, you should yell “Fore!” which seems like a warning for all people in golf ground.
  • When using golf cart instead of walking with your golf cart bag, you should keep it quite far from the grass
  • Another important etiquette is that do not throw away your club in danger.

Keep a right pace

If it’s time it was your turn to hit a golf shot, you should choose a suitable standing and maintain it. Its main reason is that time is gold. Actually, you don’t like to wait for somebody, so do not allow anyone to have to wait for you. The best choice for all golfers in a normal, friendly, business, or competitive golf course is that encourage or try your best to finish your golf turn in the best way, for example evaluating your good pace and hitting your shot quickly enough, and then you can have your pleasure to change another turn for your friends comrades. One thing you must remember is that you can just start to join a golf game when you are ready for your own turn on the tee and green. Avoiding wasting your time and other’s on finding lost balls. On the other hand, you just play “ready golf”.


Choose a suitable tee marker for yourself

The main target of having tee maker in golf game is that they can distinguish between the new players and advancing players. When you choose a specific tee marker for yourself to join the game, it will be very easy for everybody to find that your ability of playing golf basing on tee marker. Generally, the beginners will choose their tee marker which is closer than the hole they are going to hit their shot. It is divided into three types: black, white, and red tee marking. Each type will have each function. First about black tee marking, it is a starting point for most ladies. Next, white tee marking, it is chosen by the average ones. Finally, red tee marking will be intended for the advancing or experienced players. Each of people needs to get your golf ability clearly to be able to choose a most suitable starting point for yourself. To us, white tee is a point which is suitable for the beginners.

Choosing a comfortable golf attire

A fit clothes or attire (size, color, form…) can make your golf course become more interested. Maybe say that the collared shirts are a right choice for most players, especially for men. With female golfer, it is unnecessary. Take note that do not wear anything revealing, for women.

  • Short: you should choose a short which is not shorter than your knee. Usually, most men choose to wear short with leather belt. With female players, you can wear the combination short and skirt. It is acceptable
  • A pair of golf shoes: Scandal and even running shoes is not acceptable. You should wear a pairs of soft spiked golf shoes.
  • Hat: Prepare a hat and wear it during golf course. It will help you prevent from sunshine and have a better vision.

Shake hand and give them your congratulation at the end of game

It seems like an action which shows your best regard to winner or good golf performance. In the other way, you can invite your family members, friends, partners to drink or eat something after golf course. This is also a best way to have a social relationship and make your game become more interesting.

  • Conclusion

Through this article, we can see that there are five simple steps to have the right golf etiquette. You just have to follow the information in this article step by step to practice for yourself the right behavior. This task not only keeps safe for yourself and your teammates, but it also helps to increase the relationship between you and your teammate significantly. And with a friendly environment like that, you may actually have the enjoyable time with your golf game.