Hunting Contest – Season 2016

In this day and time, the air rifle is no more a strange concept in all over the world. Almost all people from all walks of life are familiar with this concept. They usually take use of this equipment to take part in hunting activity. People have a tendency to go hunting when they have free time because it can make them feel refreshed, recharged, and re-energized after the overload of working and studying with the help of the air rifle and other hunting gears.

Generally speaking, the hunting activity usually attracts a huge number of participants every month. Today, we will provide you some detailed information about the most interesting contest which is called as the BraveHunters Contest.


As we said above, hunting activity is the most attractive game which can help people feel more comfortable as well as escape from the hustle and bustle of their life. To create a favorable condition for hunters to show their skill and gain more experiences from other participants, we made a decision of organizing an air rifle contest.

AIr Rifle Hunting Contest


Whenever you participate in this contest, you will have countless chance to develop yourself and enjoy how exciting it is. Furthermore, donor of this contest is the BraveHunters. This manufacturer is one of the most reputable ones in all over the world. It has produced a huge number of products which have high quality. Furthermore, this brand is one of the organizations that own majority of the best seller air rifle in recent years. To enhance the quality of each product, the BraveHunters usually makes some improvement for their line product. To advertise the reputation of this company, they have a tendency to organize the air rifle contest once a year.

Coming to this contest, you will have a golden opportunity to experience the most modern air rifle of the manufacturers without paying fee. In addition, you may have chances to roll in the hunting courses which aim at improving hunting skill for both beginner and professional hunters.

According to the investor, this contest will take place in September because, at this time, the weather condition is more suitable for the work on hunting. Furthermore, September is a good time for hunting with various animals in the forest. The hunters may achieve success.

There are many people, who have already experienced this contest, including famous hunters around the world such as John Mountain, Jannre, Copuz, Victoria, Kenny, Jenny, Jones, Rose, Hilary, Peter, Jack, and Mark. These people are good at using the air rifle and they got success. They shared that they learned many things from this competition and they hoped that they will have another chance to take part in. They were very interested in this contest because there is no gender priority.


To make sure of justice, the winner has to be at legal age. Before contest day, the company will inspect background information of each participant. Furthermore, to make sure that people can feel more comfortable to take part in this contest, all of the participants have to use the air rifle which is provided by the investors. With this rule, all people can have enough condition to participate in, even though they don’t have enough money to purchase the air rifle for themselves.

Air rIfle allowed to use

In addition, players have to go to the location on time. If there is anyone who comes to their position too late, that contestant will have no right to continue. There is no treating for this competition. If the organizer realizes any treating, the contestant will be punished and result of that person will be called.

In the nutshell, we do hope that there are more and more people take part in this great competition. If you want to participate in this contest, you can contact via email or hotline. Besides, you also can log into the official website and provide your registration for the organizer. Wish this contest can achieve success and you can become the winner.