Needed Things for a Long Climbing

Are you confused when preparing for your forthcoming long climbing? You ask yourself, your friends and family a couple of times like: Where is the most attractive destination but still wild? When is favorable point? Especially, what are needed items you should take along with? Take our below recommendations about necessary accessories for a long climbing.


  1. Good-grip shoes

Depending on your route, there are some kinds of right shoes: hiking shoes, walking shoes, climbing shoes, trekking shoes. Whatever kind they are, the most important thing that they should have is a good grip.

Choose carefully to have the most comfortable shoes. Many people care about brand, material, prices, and quality but they don’t know that shoes are differentiated into male and female one not just about designs, so that you should think about it too. For example, the best walking shoes for women is the light, soft, elastic one. Women need a good repulsion in shoe soles. Meanwhile, men seem like the lasting strong one.

  1. Food

You can account how much food you should bring based on a height of a mountain where you plan to climb. A few pieces of cake are enough for a mountain under 1000 meters. For a 2000-meters mountain, you need a serious meal. From 3000 meters, you should take in account meals because you can’t climb up and down in a day.

Take-away food should be portable and provide many nutrients. You will have to manage very hard to cook, so chocolate and snack is a good choice.

  1. Tips for drinking

Dehydration happens terribly during all the climbing because of perspiration, so adding water is needed. Fresh water is better than soft sweet water, Take a sip of water every 30 minutes from a bottle with a straw.

By the way, you also can add a half spoonful of salt into water to avoid cramp. You also should have a little sugar and lemonade in water to get stable blood pressure and provide vitamin C for your body.

  1. Medicine

Headache drug, pain killer, abdominal pain tablet, antiseptic, bandages and compresses is indispensable if you want to reach a peak. Besides, if you are using any particular medicine, take it with you to avoid incidents.

  1. Other items

Those items will help you actively in a climbing, so make sure that you have it in your backpack.

– Items help you walk easily: a stick (maybe a particular stick or just a branch), a pair of glasses with strap (if you wear glasses), and candy to avoid (chewing gum, lollipop, salted or sugared dry apricot).

– Items save you from getting lost, moving at night: lighter, flashlight, knife, whistle, watch, smart phone.

– Items protect you on way: a hat, waterproof gloves, Vaseline, sun block, a nylon sleeping bag, and a tent (if you are going to sleep overnight)

– Clothes should be light, portable but warm. It’s very cold on a high top.

If you go on a rainy day, a raincoat will keep you dry.

Insurance should be considered when you want to reach a difficult, cruel peak. In anticipation of accident or death, you and your family will be helped. Who know what will happen?