Neck pain seems to be popular to many people especially who are over the age of 40. There are various causes of the neck pain. It could be the result of poor positions when sleeping or driving, working with computers for a long time without changing your position, injuries from accidents or sport practices, or diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis. Now, let see what the symptoms of the neck pain are and how to deal with this problem.


Common symptoms of neck pain

The symptom of this problem which the patients could easily realize is the muscle pain in the neck, shoulder and upper back. The symptom usually occurs in the morning, right after getting up or when typing or reading during an extended period. Initially, the patients just have light pains and the movements of neck, and head are limited a little bit. Then, this symptom will increase gradually.

Besides, the patients may find it very difficult or uncomfortable to turn or incline their head. In addition, the level of sensation increases. For example, touching the skin slightly at the back of the neck makes the feeling of pain completely.

Moreover, there are some people also experience the symptoms of numb in hands together with the sense of dizzy or dazzle because of the neck pain.

How to make self – care for neck pain?

Although neck pain is a common problem which is not life-threatening, it causes a significant number of difficulties in your daily life and work. Hence, you should prepare the necessary self-care for the neck pain.

First, you should eat the foods good for your bones and muscle such as milk, mushroom, grain, and bean sprouts. They will provide you with calcium and many vitamins like A and E, which are good for your bond and reduce the risk of neck pain. On the other hand, the fast food, spicy dishes, cheese, wine, and beer should be kept off.

Besides, it is necessary for you to have a good position when sleeping. In this case, a suitable pillow plays an important role to have an in-depth and comfortable sleep which has an incredible contribution to preventing and reducing neck pain. You should sleep on your sides if you are experiencing the neck pain. The best pillow for neck pain side sleeper should be the one which is soft with the great neck and head support. Filling the gap between your shoulder and head by the pillow will support the neck and prevent you from the terrible neck pain.

Next, having a reasonable working regime could lessen the risk of neck pain. Don’t only sit stably with the same position for a long time; adjust the height of your chair or desk so that it is comfortable for you to work.

Last, you may frequently massage your neck. It is completely easy and simple but effective for you to practice to get rid of neck pain. You also may ask for the help of the others in your family or friends to get a relaxing time of messaging for your neck.