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Video: ESPN Got Richt Rolled

08.30.2012 · Posted in NCAA Football

2 SEC writers for ESPN were doing a little segment as a build up for opening weekend. The Youtube page explains that Mark Richt himself “Richt Rolled” them via his car horn. Now, is this the funniest thing ever? No. Would it be awesome if Mark Richt made this his “Thing”. Yeah, that would be. ...

Video: Drunk Yankees Fan Wipes Out

08.21.2012 · Posted in MLB

This Derek Jeter fan somehow finds himself in a slightly drunken dance contest on a platform. He does well at first. He even completes “The Worm” for one singular worm crawl. His problem was not simply falling off of the stage. His “Downfall” was grabbing on to a 2X4 that was not secure. He falls ...