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Forecasting the ALLSTAR-less

02.18.2011 · Posted in NBA

Does your favorite team have an All-Star representative?  If not, don’t worry, you’re in luck. Sort of. Well, depends. See, eventually the team nearest and dearest to your heart will have a rep in the All-Star game again.  I’m here to help you predict who it might be and when it might happen.  Hopefully the drought won’t ...

NBA Slam Dunk Contest If I Were In Charge

01.05.2011 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

What exactly has the NBA dunk contest become?  Will you watch because Blake “The Quake” Griffin is in it? Will JaVale McGee try one of those take off from the free throw line deals? I have a few guys in mind who would be better options to participate in the contest.  Of course Blake would still be ...