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Michael Vick For MVP?

12.28.2010 · Posted in NFL

Before New England Patriots fans start pouting about how Tom Brady can’t be denied the biggest individual award in pro football, read this whole article objectively. The jokes have been made since Michael Vick was arraigned on dogfighting charges in August of 2007. ¬†Seemingly, Vick’s career was doomed and he would never prosper under center, ...

Does the NFL have too many “Prima Donnas”?

07.07.2010 · Posted in NFL

Every year, just before the season starts and teams converge on the practice field, there are those few players who don’t show up for the “voluntary” practices.¬† Then, when the mandatory practices start, training camp and mini-camps, speculation abounds over which players will show up and which will scorn their teams.¬† Albert Haynesworth has already ...

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Volleyball Coach Hits Own Player With Ball – Watch more Funny Videos This coach has apparently apologized for drilling one of his players in the face with a volleyball. He didn’t mean it, trust me. He went to throw the ball across the court and her face got in the way Top 10 Peyton Manning ...