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Carmelo To The Knicks: 15 Things To Think About

02.22.2011 · Posted in NBA

The Carmelo Anthony-to-the-Knicks took about 3 months to long to complete. But it’s finally done. We are all probably going to remember this trade as  one of the most annoying and drawn out processes in NBA history. But that’s all in the past now. Time for the Knicks to look forward and contemplate their next move. Because ...

Buss Builds For The Future: Melo To The Lakers

02.08.2011 · Posted in NBA

Trade talks between the Lakers and Nuggets have escalated this morning. There isn’t one specific ‘go-to’ link for the story, but if you visit any of the major sporting news outlets, you will find a version or three of some mystical trade scenario. In similar news, the world is ending on December 21st, 2012. No, the world isn’t ...

This Week’s Delicious Hot Links

01.21.2011 · Posted in NBA, Other

What is a Hot Link? Well, to most people, it’s a type of spicy hot peppery smoked sausages often found at barbecues in Texas and South America. Here in Stacheketball, it’s a list of links from this week’s best of the NBA Blogosphere Hot Hot Hoops: Raul Takahashi of HHH shows us how much LeBron ...

Behind The Arc (01/17/2011)

01.17.2011 · Posted in NBA

Happy Martin Luther King Day. Remember what he has done for this country. We’ve got a loooooooong line of games today. There are thirteen, to be exact. I’ll try not to keep you long here if you are reading this. I thought about saving this one for Tuesday, when it’s less busy in the NBA… ...

I Would Be So Stoked To Have Melo On My Team!

01.17.2011 · Posted in NBA

I Would Be So Stoked To Have Melo On My Team! Why not!? Melo is so awesome, and that nickname is superb. His nickname is “Melo”, as if “Carmelo” was not cool enough. Who shortens their sweet name with an even sweeter nickname? “Melo”… his nickname is “Melo”. I want him on my team! I ...