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Live ESPN Video: Marril Hoge Said ‘Studyin This Shit’

09.04.2012 · Posted in NFL

Pardon my French, but the “Shit” that Merril was studying was the video of replacement officials. Maybe he is also worked up because of that HUGE tie knot that he is always sporting. I mean… I like a half Windsor. I think Mr. Hoge likes a 15 Windsor. Listen for yourself. It is at the ...

Video: Stephen A. Smith Walks Off Set Because of Skip Bayless

08.22.2012 · Posted in NBA, NFL

Stephen A. Smith was on First Take / Cold Pizza this morning yelling / debating with Skip Bayless. Skip said that Kobe Bryant is over payed. That urked Stephen A. something fierce. They continued to debate. What happened next seemed like it came directly from a senior ESPN writer’s lofty pen. The conversation somehow was ...

Video: ESPN Plays True… or Fart

08.20.2012 · Posted in NFL

This is exciting Fantasy Football news from the WWL. I say fart, but what do you, as the valued reader, think regarding such matters? Editors Note: This blog is over 4 years old. This is the first post tagged with “Robert Flores”. I think that is a good thing for him. ...

ATH Video: JA Adande Loves Him Some WATER!

08.09.2012 · Posted in Sports Videos

ATH Video: JA Adande Loves Him Some WATER! We have all seen, “that guy”, the guy that is always carrying around a huge jug of water at the gym. He does not want his glutes to cramp. We have all seen “That girl” who is worried about her complexion, so she has a HUGE jug ...

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