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How I Picture Linda Cohn’s Wedding ( Video )

09.29.2010 · Posted in NHL

How I Picture Linda Cohn’s Wedding ( Video ) Yeah, Linda Cohn is pretty much awesome. I think that is universally known. As soon as I saw this video that has been going around the interweb ( With Leather and Puck Daddy ), I immediately thought of the Cohnster. She just seems like the kind ...

ESPN Turns 31, Video Tribute

09.08.2010 · Posted in Sports Videos

The Sports Entertainment channel that we all love turned 31 @ 7pm Eastern 9-7-2010. I remember when I first got cable TV. That was a monumental day in my life. There were no more “I Love Lucy” reruns for this kid. We were going to watch sports the way God intended. We were going to ...

Does anyone else find this disturbing?

08.26.2010 · Posted in Sports Videos

Maybe I am the only person that find the subtleties in this video interesting/ disturbing. From the first awkward seconds where you can tell the girls do not want to be there, to… the rest of the video, I just wanted to take a straw poll. Does this make people want to get Dos Equis ...