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Eat A Chili Dog, NERD! Hypefest Brawl, Video

04.28.2010 · Posted in Sports Videos

Eat A Chili Dog, NERD! Hypefest Brawl, Video. Never since “Don’t Taze Me Bro” has there been such an awesome phrase made by someone that was about to get PWNED. This genius, for no reason, turns to the taller guy next to him and says … “Eat A Chili Dog, NERD!” “Why don’t you eat ...

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A picture is worth 1000 words you say?

03.03.2010 · Posted in NBA

Well that is for normal pictures, this picture has got to be good for about 52,000,000. This is an actual ingame photo of the Nets playing in front of 20,000 beer-infested seats. I don’t think I have ever seen a stadium this empty and this is freakin New Jersey, not some little town with no ...


Peyton Manning NFL HOF Mustache

01.23.2010 · Posted in NFL

All of the Staches will be cataloged in our NFL Mustache Hall Of Fame. If you have any tips on some Unforgettable Free Safety Follicle Follies please email us the tip @ Peyton Manning NFL HOF Mustache. Peyton Manning had a mustache? Yes he did. It was the sweetest fake stache in all creation, ...