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Video: Stephen A. Smith Walks Off Set Because of Skip Bayless

08.22.2012 · Posted in NBA, NFL

Stephen A. Smith was on First Take / Cold Pizza this morning yelling / debating with Skip Bayless. Skip said that Kobe Bryant is over payed. That urked Stephen A. something fierce. They continued to debate. What happened next seemed like it came directly from a senior ESPN writer’s lofty pen. The conversation somehow was ...

Viral Video: Steve Nash “Titanic” Trailer

08.03.2012 · Posted in NBA

Viral Video: Steve Nash “Titanic” Trailer. So yeah… Steve Nash is going to fit in fine in L.A. This is what he likes to do in his spare time. Spoiler Alert: He does not die, because he is the king of the world, and the king of the world does not die. He rides off ...

How do the Lakers look so far?

12.17.2011 · Posted in NBA

To say I don’t know where to begin is about the best opening I can come up with. While stating the last few weeks have brought on a myriad of emotions may be a tad overdramatic, it’s really the only way possible to describe the start of the offseason. From the time it was made ...


Steve Blake out with chicken pox

04.12.2011 · Posted in NBA

Lakers bench guard Steve Blake missed the team’s shootaround Tuesday with an illness. The team announced Blake was diagnosed with chicken pox. Out of all things, Blake has to suffer from a classic childhood disease in chicken pox and is out indefinitely for the rest of the regular season. The Lakers might also be without ...