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On the Borderline

05.12.2010 · Posted in NBA

It’s a little-discussed fact that if you are drafted outside of the lottery, you’re not likely to have a huge impact in the NBA.  Here is a short list from RealGM of the “Top 10 players” (by production) for the second and third draft year back (2008 and 2007).  Two asterisks** means that the player ...

CFL has fantasy football, Florida Marlins fan brawl, Links

I wonder how many fans, given the chance and their team’s awful performance, would also like to take a steaming dump on the field like this dog. My bet is a pretty high amount. The CFL now has fantasy football {With Leather} The abundance of NHL jerseys in Liberia {Deadspin} The NBA draft is getting ...

Michael Jordan, 1984 NBA Draft Video

04.28.2008 · Posted in NBA, Sports Videos

Michael Jordan, 1984 NBA Draft Video. In 1984, Michael Jordan was drafted by the Chicago Bulls with the third pick. Yes, I said Michael Jordan was the third pick. Here is the order. 1. Akeem Olajuwon, Houston, Houston 2. Sam Bowie, Kentucky, Portland 3. Michael Jordan, North Carolina, Chicago I love the young David Stern ...