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NFL Week 5, Picks Predictions, 2012

10.01.2012 · Posted in NFL

NFL Week 5, Picks Predictions, 2012. Here are some 1st quarter of the season ramblings. New Orleans is 0-4. We thought the Saints would have a couple bumps, but 0-4 is worser than worse. We can always count on teams like the Raiders, Kansas City, Miami, and Cleveland to suck. At the time I am ...

2010 1st Round NBA Playoff Predictions / Picks

04.15.2010 · Posted in NBA

2010 1st Round NBA Playoff Predictions / Picks Thanks for reading. Remember to check out the NESW Blogs NBA Blog Stacheketball! Eastern Conference Playoff Matchups 1 Cleveland* 8 Chicago Winner = Cleveland. D. Rose will shine, but it is not their year. 4 Boston* 5 Miami Winner = Boston. No excuses this year. They have ...

The Eastern Conference: last four in and out

03.16.2010 · Posted in NBA

Editor’s Note: Today jamjam365 brings you the second edition of the Stacheketball NBA Playoff Predictions for 2010. Those at the top of the heap are easy to predict, rather, we’re looking at the contentious positions here: the final four seats at the table. We present to you the last four teams who will make the ...

Fearless Sports Predictions for 2009

01.01.2009 · Posted in Other

Fearless Sports Predictions for 2009. Happy New Year to all the great folks out there. 2008 had some memorable sports moments between Phelps at the Olympics, Boston’s Celtics finally reclaiming the big prize, and Peyton’s little brother Eli making a name for himself. I am sure 2009 will hold many great accomplishments as well. I ...

NFL Playoffs Wild Card Week, Picks, Predictions

12.30.2008 · Posted in NFL

NFL Playoffs Wild Card Week, Picks, Predictions. 1/3   Atlanta at Arizona   This is a tricky game.  Both offenses are worthy of bunches of points in any given quarter.  Only because Atlanta plays in a much tougher division am I picking them to win.  Arizona has given up more points than a WAC school the last few weeks.  Matt ...

Ohio State vs. USC, Prediction 2008

09.08.2008 · Posted in NCAA Football

Ohio State vs. USC, Prediction 2008. This game will be awesome. It always lives up to its hype, because there is always so much riding on it, and the fans are so pumped about it. If they played an ugly game, it will still be a nail biter for millions of college football fans. A ...