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The Lakers’ Demise Will Be On Defense

02.17.2011 · Posted in NBA

Over the last month or so we have heard every angle regarding the Lakers and their shortcomings this season. We have heard everything from their lack of execution to their boredom with the regular season. The Lakers’ blog, Silver Screen & Roll believes that the Lakers lackadaisical play isn’t just bad for them, it’s toxic for the image ...

Buss Builds For The Future: Melo To The Lakers

02.08.2011 · Posted in NBA

Trade talks between the Lakers and Nuggets have escalated this morning. There isn’t one specific ‘go-to’ link for the story, but if you visit any of the major sporting news outlets, you will find a version or three of some mystical trade scenario. In similar news, the world is ending on December 21st, 2012. No, the world isn’t ...

2010 NBA Finals: Who Will Make An Impact?

06.03.2010 · Posted in NBA

So, the NBA Finals are upon us. This is the moment that culminates the season we’ve been mentally invested in since October (at the very least). There are previews, opinions and analysis pieces all over the interwebs, talking about the matchup between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers — contemplating the relative merits ...