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Video: Stephen A. Smith Walks Off Set Because of Skip Bayless

08.22.2012 · Posted in NBA, NFL

Stephen A. Smith was on First Take / Cold Pizza this morning yelling / debating with Skip Bayless. Skip said that Kobe Bryant is over payed. That urked Stephen A. something fierce. They continued to debate. What happened next seemed like it came directly from a senior ESPN writer’s lofty pen. The conversation somehow was ...

Video: Bill Cosby Loves Tim Tebow

12.06.2011 · Posted in NFL

He also loves pudding pops, which are also a wholesome goodness to be held! ( Sorry for so many Tebow clips today… it happens sometimes when everyone dogs a guy and then he goes 6-1 as a starter whilst also doing it unconventionally. ) Hat Tip Quickish! ...