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Unfortunately For CBA’ers The NBA Is BACK

12.25.2011 · Posted in NBA

  Earlier tonight I watched a Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) game, a habit I’ve adopted during Sunday evenings while living in Beijing.  Since the CBA season began more than a month ago, I’ve enjoyed watching quite a few of the games, especially the games of such foreign imports as J.R. Smith (35.8 ppg as of 12/25/11), ...

Carmelo To The Knicks: 15 Things To Think About

02.22.2011 · Posted in NBA

The Carmelo Anthony-to-the-Knicks took about 3 months to long to complete. But it’s finally done. We are all probably going to remember this trade as  one of the most annoying and drawn out processes in NBA history. But that’s all in the past now. Time for the Knicks to look forward and contemplate their next move. Because ...