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Video: Drunk Yankees Fan Wipes Out

08.21.2012 · Posted in MLB

This Derek Jeter fan somehow finds himself in a slightly drunken dance contest on a platform. He does well at first. He even completes “The Worm” for one singular worm crawl. His problem was not simply falling off of the stage. His “Downfall” was grabbing on to a 2X4 that was not secure. He falls ...

World Cup Quarterfinals Rooting Guide

06.30.2010 · Posted in Soccer

The thing I like best about World Cup is rooting hard for and against nations based on the most sound and logical of reasons.  Here’s who you should be rooting for and why in the quarterfinals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Brazil vs. Netherlands First off, who doesn’t hate the Dutch? [Insert ...

8RV #10: NFL Divisional Round Edition

01.12.2010 · Posted in NFL

EVERY TUESDAY David Chalk, renowned, acclaimed and beloved baseball writer from 7th Inning Stache, Bugs&Cranks and occasionally Big League Stew throws up Eight Random Videos to entertain and/or enlighten right here on NESW SPORTS. So I didn’t do that great with my picks last week, but I think I did at least as well as ...