The Methods To Avoid Muscle Soreness While Playing Sports

In order to avoid muscle soreness when playing sports, experts often recommend that we should warm up carefully, follow a balanced diet, drinking enough amount of water …

Some rules are introduced below are extremely important and should be done regularly:

Before playing

Warming up: Before you start playing a certain sport, you need to take seriously a warm-up with a relatively long time (from 10 to 15 minutes).

The warm-up will help the muscles to be prepared for the continuous and reliable actions later on. The ligaments in the joints between the bones and the muscles will become softer and joints are ready for the jump shot, shock … while you are play sports.

Adding magnesium to the body: The recent statistics in France has shown that about 70% population of the country is short of magnesium in the body. Meantime, this substance not only plays an extremely important role in the production of energy for the cells but it is also easy loss through sweat.

Experts show that a sport player need from 300 – 400 mg magnesium per day. You can supplement this type of substance to the body by eating a great number of peas, vegetables as well as drinking mineral water…

Adding glucose to the body: Of course we are not talking about the sugar that you still use make orange juice, lemonade … which is the glucose in vegetables, wheat, rice…

Health experts also show that, before and after you play sports your body needs to be added to these foods in order to provide sugar to the body, help the muscles to be healthy. When the cells and liver can reserve this the type of energy, the body will be less painful though you conduct the strong actions.

While Playing

Drinking plenty of water: Losing water while playing sports can lead to the fatigue and exhaustion. In order to create energy and get rid of toxins in the body, our cells need to be provided enough amount water. If our body does not have enough water, it will be easily tired and become slow. While playing sports, you should drink water every 15 minutes per times and everyday you should drink more than 1.5 liters of water.

Adding sugar directly: When playing sports, if you add sugar directly to the body by eating fruits, dried fruits, pastries… your muscles will quickly be provided energy. The addition of sugar like that will help the muscles be supple and reduce muscle soreness when playing sports.

Never forget conditioning exercise: The conditioning exercise is as important as the warm-up, you should not forget to carry out this exercise before stop playing sport. The conditioning exercise should be done slowly and gently, it is similar to the stepping stone to descend activities and let body back to the initial state, remove muscle contractures.

After Playing

Eating meat or fish: After playing sports, you should not immediately eat although you are very hungry. Eating immediately after playing sports will make kidney overload because it has been exhausted with the removal of toxins from the cells at the previous times.

These proteins are important for reproduction of cells, so after relaxing, you can eat , fish, soy sauce, poultry meat (do not eat the skin) …. This menu not only helps you quickly get rid of tiredness but also avoids the unnecessary fatty substance reserved in the body.

Relaxing: It’s extremely bad if after playing sports, you continue gardening or going back to work at home because the body has been loss a lot of energy. Thus, you should relax and this can also help you avoid muscle soreness after playing sports. Let your muscles have time to recover, so that it adapts to the static state after exercising much.

Self-massaging: After playing sports, body massage is one of the great ways to help your muscles to relax. It also helps to blood circulate and excrete toxins in your body much more.

Let use anti-inflammatory creams or essential oils which have a pleasant fragrance  to massage, you will see incredibly comfortable

Taking anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin : When playing sports, you probably will be scratched, use a type of anti-inflammatory drugs that will help you reduce muscle soreness. In this case, you can consult advice from your doctor or pharmacist which medicines at the place you buy drugs.


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