The ways to choose the shoes suitable for each kind of sport

Have you ever gotten your foot pains while playing sports? If yes, do you know the reasons why? Actually, there are a lot of reasons for why your foot can easily be painful but the most common one is because of your shoes you wear. If your shoes are good, they will help you play sports better and gain many benefits from playing sports. Whereas, if your shoes are not good enough, your foot will get pains and you may not want to play sports anymore.

Here are some ways that help you choose the shoes which are suitable for each kind of sport you play.

Actually, there are a range number of the sports; therefore, there are a range number of shoes as well. There are the shoes for the sports such as the court sports, running, walking, the field sports, golf or archery. (This is a special sport which can be played both indoor and outdoor. Archers use the kinds of the recurve bow in the world, even in the Olympic in a popular way but do not concentrate on the foot really much. You should base on the location you play archery to choose the appropriate shoes.)

  1. The shoes for the court sports, including tennis, volleyball, and basketball

  • For you guys who play basketball, you should choose the shoes which have the quite hard soles because they can help you keep the balance on the court. Moreover, you should choose the shoes having the high neck to limit the sprains jumping high to throw the ball.
  • For those who play tennis, you should find the shoes helping you control the speed you move. These shoes have to help you control both the inside and the outside of the foot pads. These soles often have the wavy grooves which help to navigate. You should also choose the shoes which have the soft sole to increase the adherence if necessary.
  1. The shoes for running and walking

This is a very active sport with the high intensity and the continuous moving legs. You should choose for you a pair of the shoes having the soft pads in the sole, being light and able to absorb the force when running. The soles of the shoes often have the large grooves to navigate and adhere to the road surface. In addition, these sneakers need to be able to control the heel well.

These factors will help reduce the injuries which may happen such as the heel pain, the bone fractures, the muscles strain, the ligament relaxation or the others.

  1. The shoes for the field sports such as soccer, baseball, and rugby

The shoes used in these sports are often the spike ones. The type of the spikes can be changed based on each kind of sport but they are often removed and attached to the rubber soles.

Besides, there are professional shoes for the special sports such as golf, archery which are sold in the specialized sport equipment shops.

Some tips for trying on the shoes:

  • Choose the shoes which fit your bigger foot (normally the main foot will be bigger than the other)
  • Make sure there is a 1 cm distance between the longest toe to the vamp
  • Buy the shoes after playing sport because it is the time when your foot become biggest
  • Wear the socks that you often use when playing sports to try on the shoes
  • Go to the specialized sport equipment shops to be consulted

In conclusion, you should note that whether your playing sport can bring you benefits or not depends on your shoes you use very much. Therefore, before playing any sport, you should choose for yourself the most suitable shoes. Hope you are satisfied with your decision.